Life Models wanted in Rotterdam

modelling for our life drawing club

modelling for a life drawing class is all about improvising many different poses.

Model for our Life Drawing Club

As a group of experienced and skillful draughtsmen we prefer models who challenge us (and themselves) with surprising and special poses. We do a lot of gesture sketching with short (2, 3, 5, 8, 13 minute) poses or slow-motion movement. We expect models to be comfortable with nudity and be able to improvise endless series of dynamic and expressive poses or facial expressions. We like to work with dancers and dance students, actors, performance artists and skillful artist’s models. We need both male and female nude life models. Models with special appearance (characteristic faces, less common racial characteristics or physical disabilities) are welcome for a change. We pay € 45,- per evening.

Model for Visual Artist (private)

As an artist, I am fascinated by empathy, the ability to (sort of) read thoughts, to be able to physically and emotionally ‘feel’ (imagine) what someone else is feeling; to put yourself in someone’s shoes. Through my work (with models) I practice empathy and in my artistic work I hope to invite the public to a similar empathic experience (with my work).

Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth – what have I done?

dialogue with a drawing

dialogue with a drawing

That’s why life drawing (and modeling) is a continuous artistic research for me

  • into identity:
    • Human emotions
    • Personality
    • Desired identity
    • Vulnerability: self confidence, shame and uncertainty
  • into physicality:
    • Somatic, how it feels to be/have a body or how you experience that body,
    • What you can express with a body,
    • or what it communicates; the perception of a body, how postures and tension in a body (or an image of it) evoke emotions in the viewer.
  • into encountering the other; the interaction between subject and object, artist and model, beholder and drawing:
    • on exposing yourself to the other
    • on watching and being watched, seeing and being seen; objectification and recognition,
    • on how to trust, spend time and pay attention to really watch (see), listen to (hear) and sense/feel someone else
    • on how to open up to what presents itself with the other and honestly meet someone else – be in dialogue (M. Buber)
    • on mirroring; recognizing yourself (your humanity) in the vulnerability of the other (E. Levinas)
  • and into how to depict all this
    • how to draw what is not visible (feelings, experiences, energy, movement)

Long term collaboration (as muse, side job)

getting the shivers - fast sketching - agile poses

“the beast” getting the shivers – modelling can be dynamic and expressive with fast and agile postures.

Dovydas sensing

modelling can be a somatic journey, listening to the body.

I like to work with a limited number of steady models. I strive for a sustainable collaboration and for continuity in the process. With most life models I work once or twice a week. Sessions usually last 3 to 4 hours (during the week mostly in the evening and in the weekend mostly during the day, but otherwise might be possible too). I like to agree on a fixed time slots by default, from which we can deviate whenever necessary – always taking your schedule and your level of energy into account. I pay my steady life models so they don’t have to worry about finance or finding side jobs.

I’m not interested in life models working hard just to do what you ask them to, as this will only lead to laboured and contrived poses and equally laboured and contrived drawings. Therefore I like to work with other creatives: students or recent graduates in dance, theatre, circus, music, visual arts or architecture and I always aim for a shared creative process.

With candidate models I always look for shared interests and themes, hoping that life modelling may become as relevant to my model as drawing and sculpting is to me. At the end of each session we evaluate how we experienced that session, the life modelling, our proces and about its creative results (e.g. drawings). We also discuss what we want to explore and depict in our next session. This way we can learn from each other and align our goals.

drawing of a trembling torso

keep on shaking

drawing of a male nude torso

retained energie – sensing the inner space

Also I try not to impose a specific working method on my model. We need to explore, in order to find a method which works for us both. Just as I try to adapt my drawing technique to our subject and the energy I experience in my model, my model should be able to discover how to evoke that energy. For instance, it is often thought that models should move as little as possible in the poses they adopt, but I find that some movement may also be helpful. Life modelling may at times be quite hard work, but I think it should first and foremost be a physical and/or emotional exploration; a somatic meditation on micro-movements and expression. In this way, life modelling can become a creative activity and a valuable experience at the same time. In the end I just want to sense someone’s energy and see how my model searches with me for the best expression of what we are trying to depict.

You live and study in Rotterdam or its surroundings,
you are regularly available for a longer period of time (months/years),
you wish to express yourself (as a model) with your body (posture),
you want to try new things, challenge yourself both physically and personally,
but you also have the perseverance to finish something.
You can share your experience with me, so we can learn from it.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and let me know your pursuits, what inspires and motivates you, and what you would like to investigate as a model. I will then invite you for a first (unpaid) acquaintance/trial session. We will talk about our interests, but we will also get started modelling and sketching. The aim of this session is to experience each other’s energy/atmosphere, to determine whether we want to continue working together and if so, to make our first appointments.

Single session or project

model posing next to life size sculpture

Creating a life size sculpture takes a long time

portrait of an older gentleman with a white beard

portrait of an older gentleman with a white beard

George Platt Lynes inspired male nude picture

inspired by George Platt Lynes

For variety – when I’m not working with one of my regular models – I like to be surprised and get to know interesting new life models. Since there are more people who wish to model than I am able invite, I only invite people who seem interesting to me or who propose an interesting project. So please try to describe yourself and your ideas:

  • Are you young and eager (up to 25) or old and fragile (above 75)
  • Or do you have an interesting body? Are you skinny, sinewy, or do you have well-defined muscles (like a living anatomy model)?
  • Can you do special things with your body? like walking or balancing in handstand? Are you particularly fit, strong or flexible?
  • Do you have strong ambitions? specific ideas about what to depict? challenging ideas of what to create (and how to create it)? 

The more specific your application, the more likely I will contact you to make an appointment. One-time sessions are always unpaid, but the results may be shared. Payment for projects may depend on who will benefit most, your level of skill and financial situation: For assignments as an artist I may ask to be paid, but I would be willing to pay a freelancing dancer, or acrobat able to pose in handstand.

Registration Form

Please, don’t hold back in filling out the form below. Send me as much relevant information as possible.

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