Pose for you

When I was 16 years old I started attending drawing classes, which I paid for by occasionally posing myself. In art school I was disappointed in the lack of interest to create interesting or inspiring poses. Because of my body awareness and limberness I thought I could do better. Since, I have been posing for others quite regularly.

As an art model, I am specialized in dynamic and dramatic postures (with torsion and foreshortening). I challenge myself to maintain ‘impossible’ postures. I prefer to pose for enthusiastic and motivated people and I’m always interested in your ideas and assignments.
I pose for artists, courses and workshops, for drawing, painting, sculpture and conditionally photography or other art forms.
I don’t pose on occasions where looking at a bare male body is more important than making a piece.

Watch more images of works I posed for here
For appointments please call +31.6.21277638