Feel like drawing, painting or sculpting a life model?

In my studio in Rotterdam I offer others than myself an opportunity to draw, paint or sculpt life models.

Life drawing club

On a regular basis (mostly Monday, Tuesday and/or Friday evenings from 19:30 till 22:30) I host a life drawing club. Among the participants are illustrators, cartoonists, artists and other amateurs. We alternately work with male and female nude life models. Poses are usually 5 or 10 minutes short, but occasionally longer if we wish to draw portrait, draperies, etc. Everyone works independently. Nobody teaches. We do look at each others work and, if desired, we can comment on it. New participants interested in gesture sketching and figure drawing are welcome, whether experienced or not.

Dates for the life drawing club are published through our facebook icon Facebook group and in our google calendar icon  Google Calendar. Events will proceed if enough pariticipants have subscribed one week in andvance.

Contribution is
€ 10,- per visit when subscribed one week in advance,
€ 15,- for visits without or with late subscription,
€ 5,- fine for subscribing one week in advance and not showing up.

Would you like to draw more often? Join our facebook Facebook group in order to receive invitations for upcoming (Facebook) Events, to which you can subscribe… Or add this google calendar icon iCal feed to the Calendar application of your choice. People without Facebook may subscribe by phone or email.


Courses or workshops

If enough people are interested I can organize a course or workshop. I have extensive experience in teaching. For more information please call +31.6.2127.7638 (calls by candidate models are NOT appreciated).